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CinnaGel (1 oz) Cinnamon Ozonated Gel - Natural Deodorant

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CinnaGel (1 oz) Cinnamon Ozonated Gel
Natural Deodorant

CinnaGel™ is the perfect natural deodorant with an amazing cinnamon aroma. It tests on to all four biofield polarities, thus delivering the "Quantum Skin Effect."

CinnaGel™ contains no oxides of nitrogen, an undesirable byproduct which occurs when ozone is made from ambient air. This product is 100% natural: no aluminum, propylene glycol or other undesirable chemicals.

Directions: Work a very small dab under each arm daily. One application can last for days. May be kept at room temperature when in use. To prolong shelf life, refigerate when stored. For external use only.

What is ozone?
Ozone is a high-energy form of oxygen and is called activated oxygen. It is one of nature’s basic elements and is part of many natural reactions. Its chemical formula is O3, meaning it is comprised of three atoms of oxygen.
Ozone is naturally produced in nature when ultraviolet rays of the sun strike oxygen molecules, charging them into high energy orbits. Ozone is produced each time lightning flashes. You have probably noticed the fresh smell of ozone after a thunderstorm.
Ozone is one of nature’s super purifiers and protectors of the environment. Just as nature uses ozone to protect and renew life on earth, ozone gel can be applied to the skin so the body can absorb this special form of oxygen to help increase healthy oxygen
levels internally as well as helping to protect against harmful microorganisms.

How is ozonated gel made?
Ozonated gel is made using a high-voltage ozone machine which bubbles highly concentrated ozone gas through pure olive oil until it solidifies. This process
takes several days of continuous gas flow.
The result is an effective strength gel which looks somewhat like a salve and has the distinctive odor of ozone.

Beware of your ozone source
Be wary of the ozone source used in creating ozonated gel. All ozone is NOT created equal. If ozone is produced incorrectly, it can actually be detrimental. If ozone
is produced without a pure oxygen supply, then small amounts of dangerous nitric acid compounds are formed along with the ozone. The positive charge of this nitric
acid-laced ozone can cause fatigue and depression.
In contrast, the best quality ozone is produced using pure, laboratory-grade oxygen. This yields high quality ozone which has a negative charge and delivers beneficial

How long does it last?
Ozonated gel is extremely stable if refrigerated. It keeps almost its full efficiency for many months. Even at room temperature, once opened, it retains its effectiveness for
several months. For best effect, refrigerate between uses.

Deodorant Use: Massage a small dab of ozonated gel under each entire armpit area daily. This is one of the most effective, nontoxic deodorants we have ever used,
especially for those with strong odor problems.

The Power of Ozonated Gel
Acne: Wash face and apply Ozonated Gel twice daily. Ozonated Gel helps improve the circulation to the skin and helps detoxify the skin as well as prevent blemishes.
Athlete’s Foot: Apply Ozonated Gel to clean, dry feet 2 to 3 times daily. Ozonated Gel has strong antifungal properties.
Bruises: Apply Ozonated Gel to bruised area. It helps reduce inflammation, heal cellular tissues and speed the healing process.
Chapped Lips: Apply Ozonated Gel directly to lips to encourage rapid healing.
Cradle Cap: Mix ˝ teaspoon Ozonated Gel with a small amount of nontoxic shampoo and leave on scalp for 5 to 10 minutes.
Cuts, Wounds, Bed Sores: Ozonated Gel is a first-aid remedy for all types of skin abrasions or wounds due to its excellent antiseptic and wound-healing properties. It is so
gentle that it does not sting. Ozonated Gel acts as mild anesthetic and encourages a rich
flow of blood to the damaged area. Apply twice daily.
Dandruff and Other Scalp Conditions: Wash hair, then apply Ozonated Gel directly to scalp. Massage thoroughly into scalp. Wrap hair in warm towel and leave on for one hour if possible.
Dermatitis/Eczema: Apply to affected skin areas twice daily. For a lipodermic bath, add 1 teaspoon of Ozonated Gel to tub water to help heal and soothe skin.
Diaper Rash: Apply directly to affected rash areas. It helps stop pain and inflammation and promotes healing. Apply 2 to 3 times per day until healed. Add a few drops of Ozonated Gel to every baby’s bath.
Ear Ache: Massage Ozonated Gel around the painful area to help relieve pain. Place some gel a small cotton ball and insert gently into the outer ear. Leave in place for one hour.
Flea Bites (For cats and dogs): Helps relieve severe skin irritation; takes away redness; heals skin. Wipe the animal’s coat with a moist sponge sprinkled with 10 to 20 drops of Ozonated Gel. Also mix a small amount in food for a shinier, brighter coat.
Headache: Massage a few drops of Ozonated Gel into the affected area (such as the temples, forehead or base of the skull) to encourage freer blood flow and less congestion.
Hemorrhoids and Fissures: Apply Ozonated Gel to the anal area to help relieve itching, pain and irritation. Apply 2 to 3 times per day until healed.
Liver Detoxification: Ozonated Gel may be massaged over the liver area on the right side underneath rib cage to pomote and assist detoxification.
Mosquito Bites and Bee Stings: Apply Ozonated Gel to affected areas and rub in gently. It helps to take the itch out of bites quickly; acts as an antiseptic, helps relieve pain and promotes healing.
Muscular Aches and Pains: Gently massage Ozonated Gel into affected areas to help relieve muscular spasms, cramps and pain. Ozonated Gel is especially helpful for lower back pain, neck pain and arthritis-type pain.
Nail Fungus: Cut the nail back as far as possible. Then rub in Ozonated Gel. Fungus cannot live in the presence of oxygen. Apply twice daily.
Perspiration: Ozonated Gel can be used as a gentle, extremely effective deodorant but will not irritate delicate underarm tissues.
Shingles (Herpes Zoster): Ozonated Gel helps heal skin lesions quickly, stop pain and gently soothe the skin. Apply 2 to 3 times per day until healing is complete.
Sunburn: Ozonated Gel can help provide instant relief from heat rash, sunburn and sore skin due to its excellent healing properties. It can also help prevent blistering.
Toothaches: Rub a small dab of Ozonated Gel into the gum around the painful tooth, 2 to 3 times daily. This helps clear pain rapidly and promote healing.
White Spots (Fungus): The fungicidal properties of ozone help provide rapid resolution of white spots (caused by fungus) on the skin. Apply Ozonated Gel directly to areas twice daily.


Unrefined olive oil (pesticide free), supersaturated with medical-grade oxygen and ozone, cinnamon oil.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This health product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. It is recommended to consult a physician before taking any health supplements.

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
New chosen deodorant July 13, 2015
Reviewer: Nicole from New Mills, NB Canada  
Really like this deodorant, works on all parts of the body without irritation.  The smell is different (not perfume or flowers) but I like it.
Lasts a long time.  Good buy.

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
It works! May 7, 2014
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from BC  
Tried many things, including essential oils. This works
the best of any deodorant I have ever tried,
and the tub lasted about 16 months. I kept it in the fridge
and it remained effective. I used it as a deodorant and a couple of times on super chapped lips.
You can occasionally smell a bit of the ozone and
cinnamon, but only very faintly. Once applied it remains effective a long time.

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