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Raising Raw Babies - Birth of a New Era – The Complete Program on Vegan Live Food Parenting Part 1-3 (Includes 2 CD's & Book)

Raising Raw Babies - Birth of a New Era – The Complete Program on Vegan Live Food Parenting Part 1-3 (Includes 2 CD's & Book)

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Raising Raw Babies – Birth of a new era

The Program

Raising Raw Babies - Birth of a New Era is the first complete program on Vegan Live Food Parenting covering areas of conception, pregnancy, breastfeeding and raising children. It reveals information that empowers parents and parents to be to make conscious decisions that protect their children and ensures optimal health.

Raising Raw Babies is the Birth of a New Era.

It signifies the beginning of a new way of life that is healing and restoring to mankind and Mother Earth. Children raised according to natural laws will enjoy bountiful health and raised awareness. They will live in harmony with the natural world and reclaim Paradise on Earth.


- PART 1 - 

Interview with Drs. Anna Maria & Brian Clement, Ph.D., L.N.C


In Part 1, Drs. Anna Maria & Brian Clement, two of the foremost leading authorities in the field of Live Food Nutrition, provide eye opening and mind expanding insights on key parenting topics.


This 60-minute audio interview answers many important questions including:


  • What is the Optimal Mom & baby Diet?
  • Breastfeeding: Until when should you exclusively breastfeed?
  • What’s the best breast milk substitute?
  • How does baby formula really compare?
  • How feeding your child solids too early can have detrimental health implications.
  • Should you offer blended foods to your child? What’s the biggest “Baby food Myth”?
  • Which key vitamins require your special attention?
  • Carefully choosing your supplementation - What to look for?
  • Revealing best supplementation for conception, pregnancy, breastfeeding and your child!
  • What are some of the top detoxifying foods?
  • Water: What’s in your tap? What you can do to ensure pure drinking water in your home.
  • To Vaccinate or not? Are Vaccines safe and effective? How do they really affect the immune system?
  • Where to get your nutritional analysis / support for life for a minimal fee!
  • and much, much more...


Drs. Anna Maria & Brian Clement, Ph.D., L.N.C

Co-directors of Hippocrates Health Institute –

One of the top healing & teaching destinations.

Best selling authors, speakers and

parents to 4 children!

- PART 2 - 

Interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens M.D., M.D. (H), D.D.


In Part 2, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D world renowned holistic live food physician provides cutting edge insights on key parenting topics.


This 100-minute audio interview reveals:

  • What is the single most important factor in your child's Health and Success in life?                                             
  • Sacred Relationships: How you can build the foundation for a healthy and happy family?
  • What is the Optimal Nutrition for Conception, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?
  • Providing a detailed review of specific foods, superfoods and supplements for meeting all your essential daily needs of protein, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and fatty acids.
  • How to enhance your Baby’s Life Force? Introducing a new understanding of specific foods that help build up your baby’s Life Force.
  • What is the Ideal time and best methods for cleansing your body of harmful toxins?
  • A close look at removing heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, plastic residues among other contaminants to protect your baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding.                                                      
  • Make room for these potent Natural Remedies in your kitchen cupboard!
  • Discover the top 8 super immune boosters and best treatments for common colds, flu’s and other aliments for your peace of mind. 
  • The truth about Vaccines: Examining the detrimental health implications for your child and looking at Natural Alternatives to conventional immunization.
  • And much, much more… 


Gabriel Cousens M.D., M.D.(H), D.D.

Diplomate of the American Board of Holistic Medicine,

Diplomate of Ayurveda, medical researcher,

world-recognized live-food nutritionist,

psychiatrist, family therapist, homeopath,

acupuncturist, Ayurvedic practitioner,

holistic physician, expert on green juice spiritual

fasting and detoxification fasting, ecological

leader, Reiki master, internationally celebrated

spiritual teacher, author, lecturer, culture-bridger,

world peaceworker, founder and director of the

Tree of Life Rejuvination Centre

in Patagonia, AZ, and the Dead Sea, Israel.

- PART 3 -  

Interview transcripts with

Dr. Anna Maria Clement Ph.D., L.N.C.  

Dr. Brian Clement, Ph.D., L.N.C

& Dr. Gabriel Cousens M.D., M.D.(H), D.D.


The interview transcripts are based on the audio interviews with Drs. Clement in Part 1 and Dr. Cousens in Part 2. ( 60 + pages, 8 1/2" x 11") 


About the Author

Raising Raw Babies - Birth of a New Era  was developed for those who wish to incorporate the principles of vegan live food parenting into their lives.


Ilana Bissonnette is the creator of the Raising Raw Babies program. She is the mother of 2 raw babies; Daniel who is 5 years old and Adam who is 1, both raised on a 100% raw vegan live food diet from birth.


For the past six years, Ilana has dedicated herself to studying, practicing and inspiring others to incorporate a living foods way of life. She devoted special attention to the topic of nourishment for the childbearing and childrearing years, as she herself was going through pregnancy, breastfeeding and raising children.


In 2003, (prior to motherhood) Ilana encountered a health challenge. Her menstrual cycle was not resuming naturally after discontinuing the birth control pill she has been taking for five years.  For more then a year Ilana visited multiple physicians across town trying numerous remedies in hope for a “miracle cure”. After many unsuccessful and emotionally devastating attempts to restore her menstrual cycle through both; conventional and holistic practices, Ilana finally decided it was time to take full control of her health. It was time to take drastic steps and make major changes to her lifestyle if she was to be blessed with healthy, vibrant children.


In early 2004 together with her loving and supportive partner Ilana turned to what at the time seemed to be “the road less traveled by” and decided to fully adapt the living foods lifestyle. Ilana and Patrick spent a great deal of their time educating themselves and applying principals of a new and an unfamiliar way of life. After a short month of addressing nutritional needs Ilana was able to restore her menstrual cycle. Another month later Ilana was pregnant.


This was the most joyous time in Ilana & Patrick’s life. Their confidence in choosing a plant based diet was stronger then ever before. However, at the same time, “the road less traveled by” seemed to be a lonely place to be walking by. Information on Live pregnancies and raising children was not easily available. Family members and health professionals were skeptic and worrisome.


Despite the situation, Ilana & Patrick were determined to stay on their path.

On Jan of 2005 they celebrated the birth of their fist son; Daniel. Raising Daniel completely vegan and raw required Ilana and Patrick to take on full responsibility and inform themselves on the effects of many common conventional practices and recommendations regarding infants. It also required them to gather strength and prepare for the unpleasant confrontations awaiting them.


After numerous conflicts with physicians and family members over their son’s upbringing, it became clear to Ilana that adequate support and guidance is needed on raising vegan live food children. Ilana knew many parents across the globe too were experiencing unnecessary pain.  


When Daniel was six months old Ilana had the vision of establishing a world recognized Vegan Live Food Parenting approach that is recognized by physicians across nations and sets a new standard for raising healthy children. She created the Raising Raw Babies program to serve as a foundation for the new parenting approach to flourish. 


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3 of 5 not bad June 19, 2020
Reviewer: Brenda  
The binder just holds some paper, it is the interview. I have listened, very good information. The price was right.

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