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Sapphire Volumizer Mist Conditioner & Moisturizer - 2oz SMALL SIZE (Raw, Vegan, Organic, Chi: Lifeforce) - Morrocco Method

Sapphire Volumizer Mist Conditioner & Moisturizer - 2oz SMALL SIZE (Raw, Vegan, Organic, Chi: Lifeforce) - Morrocco Method

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Sapphire Volumizer Mist Conditioner & Moisturizer - 2oz
5 Elements Line: Chi - Lifeforce

MM Volumizer Mist is a natural hair spray used to replace all supposedly "natural" but toxic hair sprays, mousses and gels that are currently being marketed. Its natural GRAPESEED EXTRACT has a thickening effect, thus making for a thicker head of hair with increased body and texture.Your hair will be more manageable and easier to style and the mist will help increase hair volume by 50% or more. Our natural hair spray works wonders with dry,unruly, fly-away or split end hair, leaving it noticeably more manageable than before. Sapphire Volumizer Mist is also raw, non-allergenic, and non-toxic, making it great for all hair types and people with chemical sensitivities.

The essential oils in this spray also condition and nurture your hair/scalp for days and nights of continuous healing. Besides that, it smells delicious so….Spray it on – Leave it in – It’s a Great Hair Day!

Best Uses:

The Sapphire Volumizer Mist works to rehydrate and restore your hair for a thicker, more manageable look and feel. It is excellent and very beneficial for those with split ends, dandruff, and dry and damaged hair. The essential oils in this multipurpose spray allow you to add control while also conditioning and nurturing your hair. Before spraying the Sapphire Volumizer Mist, shake the bottle to allow the crystals to separate out and re-emulsify. Then, simply spray it on to dry or wet hair and leave it on throughout the day or night for a noticeably thicker head of hair with increased body and texture!!


Aqua (Water), Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed) Oil, Rosa Rubinigosa (Wild Rose), Oenathena Biennis (Evening Primrose), Santalum Albus (Sandalwood), Boswellia Carteri (Frankincense), and Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh) Essential Oils

How to Use Diamond Crystal Mist or Volumizer:

Morrocco Method Mists are simple and fun to apply. Begin by shaking them lightly before each use to allow the crystals to separate out and re-emulsify. Spray on wet or dry hair. Throughout the day give your hair an additional beneficial spritz every few hours — at theoffice, outdoors, anywhere!

Use no-fuss MM Diamond Crystal and Volumizer Mists as needed — especially on “bad hair days” — to restore natural bounce and vitality to your hair without weighing it down. When used as a styling aid on a regular basis, the Mists help repair damaged tresses. Never rinse them out. For extra conditioning, leave on overnight.

Although MM Diamond Crystal and Volumizer Mist Sprays are not total sun-blocking products, they do lend protection to your hair from solar intensity when you are sunbathing, hiking or skiing. Use either Mist generously before swimming in a chlorinated pool and its absorption into your hair will prevent penetration of the chlorine.

about detoxing

Morrocco Method products are 100% plant-, botanical-, and marine-based products with natural smells and no foaming. You will detox as you use our products so expect a possible detoxing period of from 3 to 7 days to strip off the residues, wax build ups, and old chemicals and for toxins to be removed. This will cause drying of hair, matting, and dullness. But do not be alarmed. These effects are a sign that your old products were very toxic and that your hair and scalp are experiencing detoxing. When this period is over, your hair will immediately be healthier, more radiant and managable, and most of all, will be restored back to natural hair follicles. Thus continues your journey with Morroco Method for the most luxurious hair you have ever seen.

Organic, raw, vegan hair care including Simply Pure Five Elements Conditioners — the finest, most effective conditioners available. Good for the whole body. Nontoxic, gluten free, and non-allergenic. Safe for the whole family. Nurture your hair and scalp with the ancient, time-proven practice of conditioning with natural botanicals.

Our 100% natural conditioners and moisturizers contain nature's most potent trace minerals and organically grown plants and herbs and are guaranteed to be free from chemicals and synthetic ingredients. They are based on a truly natural, holistic formula and will not cause an allergic reaction in even the most sensitive individual.

All Morrocco Method shampoos, conditioners, and hair care products are 100% color safe!

All Morrocco Method 5 Elements products are gluten free.

safe, natural, chemical free for the entire family

Our organic, holistic shampoos are a synergy of botanicals, trace minerals, and herbs. Stimulates and increases hair growth organically. Addresses hair loss and scalp irritability caused by alopecia, candida, psoriasis, and lupus. Highly recommended for chemically sensitive individuals, vegans, and all who seek raw and natural remedies that use marine and botanical sources. We have seen marked improvement in thinning and hair loss for scores of clients over decades of observation. Individual results may vary. Consult a doctor before beginning any new regimen.


Are any of these shampoos good for pets?

Yes, we have clients all over the world who shampoo their pets and animals with all 4 shampoos. While many products claim to be natural and pure for animals, it is quite amazing how many chemicals are in your pets' cleansing agents. Please read labels. SLS is dominant in almost all pet cleansers. We have testimonials from across the globe from many happy customers just like you, using our shampoos on their horses, dogs, cats, and other animals.

Are your shampoos color-safe?

All our Morrocco Method products are 100% color-safe!

Which shampoos are good to remove make-up?

We get e-mail from women all over the world who use the Sea and Earth Shampoos for removing make-up and exfoliants.

Which shampoos are good for general hand wash?

All four shampoos are excellent for daily hand washing and will not dry nor wrinkle skin. Alternate and see how gentle natural soaps really are on one's hands.

What is the difference between shale and tar?

Coal tar is a petroleum product and very damaging to one's all around good health not to be used on the body, while shale is a rich natural deposit of decomposed trees. Millions of years ago, large forests of ferns and evergreens decomposed and formed large reservoirs underneath the earth surface of very rich shale. We get our shale from Germany in a natural state which is rich in various rare trace minerals. These trace minerals are healing in varying degrees for the scalp and hair alike. This is a cure all for a multitude of scalp problems, plus a general radiant effect on the hair itself giving it new life force and brilliance. There is no comparison between tar and shale. And one should avoid all products with tar/coal tar in its ingredients.


about the Morrocco Method

sustainable, equitable, fair trade

The Morrocco Method strives to honor fair trade principles of sustainability and equity in all of our products. Fair trade products are generally created by smaller producers who are paid fair prices and who pay fair wages to their employees. Fair trade producers practice sustainable, environmentally aware farming and manufacturing.

The Morrocco Method of hair, face and body care is unique as well as comprehensive. It represents over forty years of research and experimentation, integrating modern scientific knowledge with the ancient healing arts of Ayurvedic and Chinese herbalism.

Anthony Morrocco has, for over 40 years, carefully studied and practiced holistic hair care. His quest to find a naturally based treatment for hair and scalp problems began with his apprenticeship at world famous Kenneth's, a posh New York salon, where his clients included Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Mrs. Vincent Astor, Mia Farrow, Lauren Bacall, Joan Rivers, Faye Dunaway, Liza Minelli, and numerous other celebrities.

For years, Anthony watched as the rich and famous walked into Kenneth's with hair care problems and left with the same problems, only covered up with styles, perms, blow drying, gels, mousses, bleaches and chemicals. Anthony discovered that, regardless of the money spent on traditional hair care, the problems just didn't go away. This realization inspired Anthony to create a new system of hair and scalp treatment that would have successful, long term results.

healthier, more vibrant hair

Now, after more than four decades of travel, research and experimentation, including his study of Chinese herbalism and acupressure under Bruce Lee's master, Mr. Fung Yi of Peking and Dr. Cecilia Lu of Shanghai, Anthony has perfected a holistic program for women and men determined to make positive changes for healthier, more vibrant hair.

The Morrocco Method of hair, face and body care is unique as well as comprehensive. It represents over forty years of research and experimentation, integrating modern scientific knowledge with the ancient healing arts of Ayurvedic and Chinese herbalism.

All Morrocco Method products contain only the finest organic derived minerals and botanicals harvested from around the world. and selected for maximum potency. We have followed the principles of Old World farmers who understood that planting, harvesting and storing foods according to the lunar cycle maximizes the energetic potency of the plants.

Every Morrocco Method product contains each of the 92 trace minerals. Each product is carefully designed to both detoxify and nourish. Our products have been featured in CBS News, InStyle Magazine, People Magazine, Farmers Almanac, the Los Angeles Times, and many other international publications.

The Morrocco Method is unquestionably the finest, most effective program of holistic hair care available today.

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