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Vita-Mix S30 Personal Blender - 5 Year Warranty from Vita-Mix - Free Shipping!


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Product Code: VIT-S30
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Meet the S30

For the first time, high performance gets personal.

Color in Canada

Colors in USA

Vitamix has combined its high-performance engineering with the convenience of a personal blender. Whether you’re on the go or enjoying meals at home, the S30 makes it easy to create single and double servings of your favorite recipes while fitting easily on your countertop. Two BPA-free containers blend a variety of recipes for every meal of the day:

20-ounce Container Icon

Portable 20-ounce/0.6-litre container is ideal for beverages, dressings, and food prep and becomes an instant travel cup with flip-top lid.

40-ounce Container Icon

Compact 40-ounce/1.2-litre container blends small batches of soups, sauces, frozen desserts, and more.

  • S30 Blender
  • S30 Environment Image
  • S30 Faceplate
  • S30 Additional Components
  • S30 Blade Base

The S30 includes:

  • 5-year full warranty
  • Variable Speed Control and Pulse feature create a variety of textures
  • Powerful motor to crush ice and blend the toughest whole-food ingredients
  • Metal drive system that provides maximum durability and won’t wear like plastic
  • Safety interlocking system that turns the machine off automatically when the container is lifted or rocked from the base while blending
  • Top rack dishwasher-safe components
20-ounce Container

Double-walled 20-ounce/0.6-litre container to blend individual servings and take them to go

40-ounce Container

40-ounce/1.2-litre container with 2-part lid to create a variety of small-batch recipes

Blade Base

Interchangeable blade base that attaches easily to both containers and features the signature laser-cut, stainless-steel blade design of every Vitamix machine


Personal Blending dual-language cookbook with recipes for every meal from the Vitamix kitchen in both English and Canadian-French


Tamper for use with the 40-ounce/1.2-litre container to press thick and frozen mixtures into the blades

S30 Drawings

Unit Dimensions:

14.55 in / 37 cm (with 20-ounce / 0.6-litre containers in place) or 15.66 in / 39.4 cm tall (with 40-ounce / 1.2-litre container in place)

8.34 in / 21 cm deep

5.90 in / 15 cm wide

12 lb 6-ounce / 5.6 kg (combined weight)

cord length: 4 ft / 1.22 m

S30 Motor Base

Motor Base:

120 volt, 60 Hz 7 amps (North America)

Radial cooling fan and thermal protection system

Interlocking system with automatic turn-off protection

S30 Blade Base

Blade Base:

Precision laser-cut from hardened stainless-steel measuring 3-in/7.62-cm diameter and attached to the base with a double bearing assembly.

Leak-proof seals designed to form a tight seal around the blade base and flip-top lid.

S30 40-ounce Container

Vitamix 40-ounce / 1.2-litre Container:

Height: 8.56 in / 21.74 cm (without blade base)

40-ounce / 1.2-litre rated capacity

BPA-free Eastman Tritan® copolyester

Vented lid with plug for safely adding ingredients while machine is running

Tamper with collar to prevent tool from hitting the blades

S30 20-ounce Container

Vitamix 20-ounce / 0.6-litre Container:

Height: 8.0 in / 20.3 cm (without blade base)

20-ounce / 0.6-litre rated capacity

BPA-free Eastman Tritan® copolyester

Double-walled construction

Portable lid with flip-top

With decades of research and development under our belts, Vitamix produces the world's best performing and most reliable blending equipment. We take a comprehensive approach to designing our products so that every piece works together to create a more perfect blend. It’s not just about power. We design a complete blending system backed by a 5-year full warranty to provide years of worry-free use.
S30 motor


A motor that maintains an even torque and cool temperature to consistently deliver the power you need to process any ingredient, while a metal drive system offers maximum durability and won’t wear like plastic.

S30 blades


Blades that are cut from hardened stainless steel and attached with a double bearing assembly to stand up to years of heavy use.

S30 20 and 40 ounce containers


20 & 40-ounce containers that create a funneling vortex to quickly rotate ingredients through the blades.

S30 40 ounce & 20 ounce containers with S30 base

Through this comprehensive approach to engineering, we’ve created a technology that masters a variety of techniques and recipes, gives home chefs complete control over speed and texture, and achieves the same high-quality blends year after year. It’s more than a blender. It’s a whole new category of high-performance blending.

Motor Base

The powerful S30 motor crushes ice and pulverizes virtually any whole-food ingredient. Like any Vitamix machine, it’s built with the premium engineering and quality components that we’ve been developing for generations.

Illustration: interlocking blade and base notch and insert alignment

Interlocking System

To place the containers on the motor base, align the tabs on the containers with the notches in the motor base. (The handle of the 40-ounce container and the logo on the 20-ounce container will be facing you when aligned properly.)

If you lift or rock a container from the motor base while blending, the machine will sense this disruption and turn off automatically for your safety. No sweat—just turn the dial back to Stop (o), and then pick up the recipe where you left off.

Illustration: 10 speeds, increasing toward bottom of dial

Speed Controls

The smoothly rotating Variable Speed Control offers ten responsive speeds, putting you in the driver’s seat to create a variety of precise textures. The higher the speed, the smoother the blend. Use low speeds for things like chunky salsas and high speeds for fine purées.

Illustration: Pulse feature is located left of stop (at the top)


The Pulse feature operates at speed 5 to control the texture of your dish even further. Flip the Pulse switch on and off to quickly chop ingredients, refresh drinks, or get a blend going before cranking up the speed.

S30 interlocking motor base

Blade Base

The interchangeable blade base creates a variety of recipes and attaches easily to the 20-ounce and 40-ounce containers.

S30 Blade Detail


Vitamix blades are precision laser-cut from hardened stainless steel and attached to the base with a double bearing assembly. That’s engineering speak for: Our blades are built to last a really long time.

Illustration: red gasket and blade base

Leak-Proof Seals

The two rubber seals in the box (find them already attached to the blade base and flip-top lid) are of paramount importance. Without them, you’ll have a real mess on your hands. Make sure they’re not twisted or drooping so they form a tight seal.

Person using spatula arm to loosen blade base from 20 ounce container

Loosening the Blade Base

If you have trouble loosening the blade base from the container after blending, use the power of leverage: Place a spatula handle in the notches of the blade base and rotate the handle counterclockwise.

S30 blade base


40-ounce Container

icon for 40 ounce container

The 40-ounce container gives you all the versatility of a traditional Vitamix machine. Hot ingredients, thick mixtures, and larger batches are no problem for the 40-ounce container.

S30 40 ounce container

Lid & Lid Plug

The lid snaps securely onto the 40-ounce container to, well, contain ingredients as they spin at hurricane speeds. With the lid in place, you can remove the lid plug while the machine is running. This allows you to: 1.) Use the tamper or 2.) Add ingredients to create layered textures, such as adding chopped tomatoes to a puréed pasta sauce.

S30 tamper


The tamper keeps thick, frozen, or just plain stubborn ingredients circulating in the 40-ounce container. While your machine is running, remove the lid plug and insert the tamper through its opening. Angle the tamper into each of the four corners to pop air pockets and push ingredients into the blades. There’s no need to be delicate—the lid won’t let the tamper touch the blades.

S30 40 ounce container

20-ounce Container

icon for 20 ounce container

The 20-ounce container is ideal for blending individual beverages, emulsifying vinaigrettes, and chopping ingredients.

S30 container double wall construction

Double-Walled Construction

The 20-ounce container’s double-walled construction maintains your beverage’s temperature on the commute or during a workout.

S30 20 ounce container lid

Flip-Top Lid

Remove the blade base and add a flip-top lid to quickly take blends to go. The container's slender design fits in most cup holders for easy transport.

S30 20 ounce container


The S30 containers, blade base, lids, and seals are all top rack dishwasher-safe. (The heat on the bottom rack could distort the material, so stick with the top.) Be sure to take everything apart before putting it in the dishwasher—remove the blade base and seals from the containers so everything gets a thorough cleaning. Once the blade base is removed, you can use a spatula to scrape thick mixtures off the blades.

S30 lid, container and blade base in top shelf of dishwasher
Please don’t put the motor base in the dishwasher. Water and electronics just don’t mix. Instead, wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Blending Tips

The S30 is a high-performance personal blender and unlike anything you’ve used before. Here are a few tips to get great results the first time...and every time after that.

Person chopping ingredients into 1 inch pieces

Ingredient Size

Cut ingredients into 1-inch pieces to help them flow freely through the blades.

Person loading ingredients into S30

Loading Ingredients

There’s a bit of a science to loading ingredients in the containers to get the fastest, smoothest blends. Follow the order of ingredients in the recipe. A little hint: The two containers are loaded in opposite order because you invert the 20-ounce container upside-down to blend.

Person using the tamper in the 40 ounce container

Using the Tamper

When blending thicker mixtures use the tamper to help push ingredients toward the blades. The specially designed collar prevents any contact with the blade base. For use in the 40-ounce container only.

Person adding cubed ice to container as the last ingredient

Ice Shape

We prefer cubed ice over crushed—its weight pushes everything into the blades for a faster blend.

Illustration: add liquid


If ingredients aren’t flowing, try the tamper (40-ounce container only) or you may need to add a little more liquid.

Illustration: circulating blades

Start Up

When starting your machine, hold at a low speed (1 or 2) for a few seconds until the blades “grab” ingredients that might be feeling a little shy.

Illustration: 10 speeds, increasing toward bottom of dial


Fight the instinct to remain at low speeds. High speeds actually draw in more air to cool the motor and preserve its life. Don’t be afraid to crank it to 10.

Illustration: time and recipe book


Blend for the full processing time suggested in the recipe. Most are completed in less than 60 seconds.

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