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Upaya Naturals

Barrie: 705-727-1115
Toronto: 416-617-3096
Toll Free: 1-855-RAW-VEG1 (1-855-729-8341)
EMAIL: Click HERE for Contact Form
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

In the Barrie area? If you would like to pick up your order instead of having it shipped to you, please follow the instructions below. These instructions are for pickup orders for our Barrie pick-up location. They are detailed in order to avoid any confusion when placing an order for pickup.


Important :
- This is a pick up location ONLY. The warehouse building is not open to the public. This is NOT A RETAIL STORE/SHOWROOM

- Items are not stored here, no same day pick ups, you must place your order online ahead of time, and have received an order pick up notice via email letting you know when your order will be ready.

- You cannot place or modify orders or change payment at time of pick up.

- Cash payment at pick up: must be exact change (no change provided). Other payment methods are not available at Barrie Pick Up location.

-The pickup location does NOT provide grocery bags or boxes for your order. They will hand you your items but you will have to bring your own bag(s), box, cooler (for perishable or frozen goods).

If you show up outside of the hours below, you will NOT receive your order!

- Orders are dispersed at the front door only during the hours posted above. Orders are not accessible at anytime from any other entrance.

- If you show up before your order has been delivered to the Barrie Pick Up location, you will NOT receive your order! Please be aware there may be occasional weeks that the pick up location will be closed on one or more of these days - it is YOUR responsibility to check THIS page for any changes & updates.

- Orders must be picked up in a timely manner. Orders will not be kept past 2 WEEKS from date of drop off to the pickup location. - If orders are not picked up after 2 weeks from the time they are ready for pickup, they will be cancelled and will incur a 5% restocking/processing fee or $5 restocking/processing fee if your order is under $100. This includes orders paid via credit card or Paypal.

How It Works:
1) Place your order online
2) You will receive an automated order confirmation by email shortly after you place your order.
2) You will be sent a "Pick up Information" email confirming the date that your order will be ready. This is usually done by the end of the business day or end of next business day.
3) ONCE you have received your 'Pick Up Information' email, please show up during the pick up hours on or after the date your order will be ready.
4) When you pick up your order: Go to Front Door & Ring Door bell. Give your name & order number. If you are paying by cash, please bring the exact amount (change is not provided).
5) Make sure you have all of the correct items you ordered before leaving. Sign the invoice confirming this. Please bring your own bags/box - we do not supply.

We do not provide walk out service please be prepared to bring your items to your car. This location is a scent-free facility, you may be asked to wait out front for your order. Please try to avoid wearing perfumes, fragranced items,etc.

Order Placed
Order Ready*
Monday Before 1pm Tuesday

After 1pm Wednesday
Tuesday Before 1pm Wednesday

After 1pm Thursday
Wednesday Before 1pm

After 1pm Friday
Thursday Before 1pm

After 1pm
Friday Before 1pm

After 1pm Tuesday
Saturday Before 1pm

After 1pm Tuesday
Sunday Before 1pm

After 1pm Tuesday

* Usually these days will be when your order is ready, however it could be a later date due to busy holiday season or promos, product availability, payment issues, back orders. Use this chart as reference only. Your 'pick up information' emails will have the confirmed date your order will be ready. Please contact us right away if you do not receive a pick up info email within 2 business days excluding holidays.

Regular Pick Up Hours (Front Door Only)
Monday-Thursday: 11am - 1pm
Fridays: Closed
Saturdays: Closed

Sundays: Closed

Note: The pick up location cannot give out nutritional advice, medical advice, dosages, instructions or modify orders. Consult a qualified health care provider regarding raw food and/or vegan diet and explanations, nutrition, health questions, etc. or purchase a book or DVD available online. Please direct any and all questions regarding your order via phone, chat or click HERE to email. We enjoy providing this location as an option and with your cooperation, we are able to continue to do so.

While we often love company, please keep in mind this is a pick up location for pre-placed orders (placed in advance) ONLY. We DO NOT service UNSCHEDULED PICKUPS (i.e. no dropping by without notice, no same day pick ups, and when we are closed for certain holidays).

Health Note:
This is a scent-free environment. If you know you have scents on, please wait outside the front door. Otherwise, you may be asked to wait out front for your order. It is up to you to load your own vehicle or bring appropriate bags/boxes for your ordered items. Our staff is not responsible for loading your car, and will not come outside to do so. Please make the appropriate arrangements before picking up your order.

We enjoy providing this location as an option and with your cooperation, we are able to continue to do so. Thank you.